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WSR control by Philips Speechmike

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Topic: WSR control by Philips Speechmike
Posted By: redmiston
Subject: WSR control by Philips Speechmike
Date Posted: 09/Dec/2013 at 1:28pm

To: Marty

Sorry for the delay, I appreciate your feedback and have finally found a solution to control WSR using a Philips Speechmike. I am a radiologist by trade and have been using dictation mikes for many years. I have need for a simpler dictation program for dictation as the hospital speech recognition dictation system is cumbersome and quite limited outside of the hospital system.
 Your medical radiology dictionary and WSRtoolkit fit the bill and now works well with WSR and the Philips Speechmike.

While the Speechmike is programable using the Philips Device Control Center, the combination of Cntrl and Windows logo key is not an option (that I know of) so I incorporated the free AutoHotKeys program and programed the Speechmike for alt-z combination (or any other hotkey) and used the AutoHotKeys macro below to send the Cntrl/Windows logo combination to turn WSR from off to listening .
 This sequence acts just like a PTT switch . Sounds like a cumbersome workaround but actually the process takes just a fraction of a second.
 I don’t like the action of the Speechmikes record slide switch so I programmed the back push button switch and this works great.

I’ve enclosed the AutoHotKeys   .ahk file for your convience or just copy and paste the macro below.

AutoHotKeys takes some learning but is not terribly difficult.......

Send {LCtrl down}+{LWin down}
Send {LCtrl up}+{LWin up}


The above macro is a modification of an original AutoHotKeys macro idea from "molkemon" at -


From: "Marty Markoe" < - >
Date: November 24, 2013, 9:38:26 PST

Subject: RE: Contact us

The WSR keystrokes to toggle the microphone on/off is to hold the Left Ctrl key and tap the Left Windows Key. Try this with the keyboard to confirm. This is not truly push (and hold) to talk, but is the on/off toggle.

If the SpeechMike control software allows you to program the Ctrl + Win key you should be able to assign a button on the SpeechMike. You cannot program WSR to toggle because once the microphone is off it cannot hear a command. For voice you could try using the Go to Sleep command and Wake Up command as the microphone is listening in this state. You may be able to program this with the Right CTRL key and if your keyboard has a Right Window key this should be able to toggle Sleep/Wake Up. I cannot test this as the computer keyboard I currently have does not have a Right Windows key. This used to work when I had a Vista and Windows 7 computer/computer keyboard. Do not know if this still works with Windows 8/8.1.



From: General contact []
Sent: Saturday, November 23, 2013 11:58 PM
To: General contact
Subject: Contact us

From: redmiston -

I have a Philips Speechmike Classic and the Philips control device software to change the functions of the buttonson the mike . I'm trying to control Windows speech recognition with a push to talk for dictation but after much searching have come up blank . I thought the WSRTookkit might help? Is there any way to set up the control buttons on that mike to start and stop Windows speech recognition ie (start /stop listening) in conjunction with WSRToolkit?

Any help would be appreciated.



Posted By: mmarkoe_admin
Date Posted: 09/Dec/2013 at 4:57pm
Thanks for posting this useful information.

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