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Quick launch bar

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Topic: Quick launch bar
Posted By: RichardTS
Subject: Quick launch bar
Date Posted: 21/Mar/2015 at 2:37pm
Greetings group. I have just started "playing" with WSR and have a question that I cannot find an answer to anywhere in this forum.

I want to be able to launch programs from the Quick Launch (also the task) bar. If I have  an application running that is on the task bar I can switch to it but I cannot find a way to launch a program from thetask bar that is not running. Any and all help is appreciated.

Maybe I will be brave enough to speek my next post but I typed this one. Smile

Posted By: mmarkoe_admin
Date Posted: 21/Mar/2015 at 10:56pm
I have icons on the desktop for every Quick Launch icon. Just say, "Switch to desktop," and then "Start Program Name."

Posted By: RichardTS
Date Posted: 21/Mar/2015 at 11:02pm
Thanks Marty. I was hoping to be able to access the quick launch icons without having to have even more icons on my desktop. The whole purpose of the quick launch bar is to be able to launch programs easily and quickly (with the mouse) and in my case keep the desktop relatively clear.


Posted By: russ
Date Posted: 22/Mar/2015 at 2:48pm
The Quick Launch bar is easy to access with a mouse, but anything on the Task Bar except the Start menu (say "Start menu") is pretty difficult to access by voice in a convenient way. There is no "switch to Task Bar" voice command that puts the focus on it that I am aware of.

If I click somewhere in the Task Bar to activate it, I can then say "Speakers" to click the Speakers icon in the Notification area, or "Word" to open Microsoft Word because I have it pinned to the Task Bar. But having to click in the Task Bar first kind of defeats the purpose.

All in all, the easiest way to open an application is to speak its name, or even just part of it:

Start Word twenty thirteen
Start Internet Explorer
Start FireFox

What program are you trying to open? I know some specialized programs only launch from the Notification area, but if you can locate it's .exe file and put a shortcut to it in your Start menu, you should be able to launch the program by saying the name of the shortcut. Another option is to create a speech macro with WSR Macros that executes the .exe file.


Posted By: RichardTS
Date Posted: 22/Mar/2015 at 4:54pm
Thanks for the tips Russ. I have a number of progs on the quick launch bar like Radmin Viewer, Remote Desktop Connections (3 different ones) and MySQL Administrator to name a few. Yes either pinning them to the start menu or creating and pinning a shortcut is easily doable so will try that. Just seems strange to me that MS thought of just about every other way to do things but they missed the quick launch bar.

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